The purpose of these principles is to make the operation of our association safer for everyone. Each of us can act in a way that contributes to a space where everyone can feel safe without fear of any kind of discrimination, harassment or sexual, physical or verbal assault. We do not condone any kind of discrimination or harassment in our activity.

  • Respect other people’s physical and mental space and their boundaries. Also, make room for yourself if needed.

  • Make sure that everyone is heard and everyone can participate in the conversation if they want to.

  • Everyone is allowed to participate in a way that makes them comfortable. No way of participating is better than the other. Work on building an encouraging atmosphere.

  • Make sure that the conversation is accessible and everyone can participate (e.g. by explaining difficult terms or concepts). Don’t disregard people based on their interests or knowledge on the subject.

  • Respect other people’s privacy and treat sensitive subjects with respect.

  • Don’t harass anyone verbally, physically or in any other way (e.g. staring).

  • Don’t question another person’s experience.

  • Don’t assume anything about others based on appearance, age, gender, way of speaking, sexuality, religion or any other feature. However, we’re always going to make some assumptions, so strive to recognize them and reflect on your own presumptions.

  • Try to avoid discriminatory stereotypes in your language and actions. Don’t use (for example) transphobic, ableist (discriminatory towards disabled people) or racist expressions.

  • If someone points out something in your behavior, listen and learn. Strive to take on new subjects and viewpoints without prejudices.

  • Avoid personalities when discussing political views or other personal opinions. Make sure the conversation stays safe for everyone.

  • If you’re told something you’re doing is unwanted, stop the behavior. Apologize if you have purposefully or accidentally hurt or offended someone.

  • If you notice any harassment or discrimination, intervene.

If you feel unsafe, tell someone about it and ask for help. You can report the incident to our safety and equality contacts in the event. The person responsible for the inappropriate behavior can be asked to leave immediately.

You can also contact Puolue’s social policy representative at at any time or fill out this anonymous form from the link here

You can also contact JYY’s harassment contact persons at (general), Anna Jäntti (female harassment contact person) or Teemu Vasama (male harassment contact person).